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It’s Spooky Season, Witches!

Colorful gifts for colorful people

From art prints to greeting cards, wall art, custom pet portraits and more, you can find something unique and handmade for everyone on your list – including yourself!

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Dani Hawiszczak (Ha-vis-check)

Hey, nice to meet you! It's pretty cool that you've stopped by. Feel free to get in touch via email or social.

A little about me: I’m a full-time copywriter and spend the rest of my time making and teaching art. My brand has allowed me to incorporate many of my skills. I'm married to Andrew and we have a dog, Flapjack, and cat, Lumos.

Moxie & Mischief

I founded Moxie & Mischief in 2021, and the inspiration behind the brand began with an estate sale. I was looking through old sheet music and saw a cover image of a man kissing a woman’s cheek. The woman looked so uninterested. A line came to mind immediately, “That’s it. I’m gay.”

I created my first print and realized I’d found my niche. I found humor in mashing up retro ads and images with modern sentiments.

From the get-go, I knew I wanted my brand to be inclusive and offer a safe space to queers, allies, women and POC. Part of the “moxie” in my brand is allowing marginalized communities to speak freely without having to mask.

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Dani Hawiszczak

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